Reviews, Compilations, and Gratitude for Summer 2012.

It’s been a whirlwind of a summer, and while I am ready to get back in the classroom to teach some folks about English Composition, I’m also sad to see this summer go. Releasing Topographies was quite a big deal for me, and I’ve learned a lot from playing these songs and taking them on the road.

I couldn’t be more pleased with how kindly folks received the album. I’m honored to have gotten a little bit of good press here in the Northwest. I’m posting a couple of kind reviews–one from the Seattle Weekly and one from The Levee Breaking. As a writer myself, I appreciate the time that journalists put into listening to new music and crafting thoughtful reviews.

Here’s a lovely blurb about the album from the Seattle Weekly Reverb Blog:

And here’s a super kind review from The Levee¬†¬† Breaking–an organization you should definitely check out.

Lastly, I’m honored to be a part of a compilation album put together by Michael Trew of Autumn Electric (Seattle). This album, Red Velvet Jacket, involves a number of other Northwest (and otherwise) musicians, and all proceeds go to benefit the Dougy Center in Portland, which is an organization that helps kids who’ve lost a loved one. Check out the Bandcamp page. You can listen to all the tracks, and I encourage you to download some tunes and donate some bucks if you have them for this wonderful, important organization.

I’ll leave you with an image of my most recent and most adorable piece of inspiration:

Jerry soaks up some sunshine.
Jerry soaks up some sunshine.









Folk-rock and roll, Internets! See you soon.

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