Liz’s new album, Topographies, is a collection of songs that maps the terrain of physical and figurative landscapes. Her signature real-life songwriting is featured in the album, but Topographies also includes songs that explore less tangible contours, like identity and survival. Songs on the album range from flirtatious country stomp (What I Can’t Have) to ethereal, ambient songs (like Lake Okoboji) that feature rich vocal harmonies and string arrangements. All of the songs, though—whether playful or powerful—explore some aspect of the landscapes of the human condition.


Release Date: June 30, 2012


Track Listing


1. Mama Said (3:00)
2. Kiss Me Goodbye (3:40)
3. Mirabelle (5:08)
4. Mountain Pass (3:34)
5. First Daughter (3:10)
6. What I Can’t Have (2:38)
7. Lake Okoboji (4:21)
8. Paste (3:34)
9. Attention (4:42)
10. Sunset (3:38)


Red Flags

Recorded in January 2009, Red Flags is Liz Rognes’ first full-length album. She worked closely with her producer and friend Dan Zamzow to create a body of work outlining her unsparingly honest songs. The album represents a unique blend of their musical styles utilizing an array of makeshift percussion, rich string arrangements and an organic approach to vocal harmony. Their collaborative energy is a steady thread throughout the recordings, presenting interesting lyricism that ranges from flirtatious to introspective. Red Flags also includes the generous musicianship of many of Liz’s friends and Minneapolis band members like Jake Staron, Rachel Price, Dave Tiede, and Colin McDonald.

Liz has had the opportunity to open for and share the stage with such bands as Trampled by Turtles, Bettie Serveert, Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs, Sara Jackson-Holman, Thomas Kivi, Bethany DeLine, and Deep Soul Deities.




Recent Music Commissions:

Starlight Yule Bright, for Calliope Women’s Chorus, arrangement of folk songs by Kari Tauring, SSAA with piano and flute accompaniment, 2007

Concert Performances of Musical Works:

Our Eyes Would Whisper For Us, text from letters of Emily Dickinson to Susan Gilbert, written for soprano, piano, flute, violin, and viola, performed at the College of St. Catherine Spring Chamber Ensemble Recital, 2003

Antiphons and Lullabies, for SSA choir, viola, and harp, performed at the College of St. Catherine Candlelight Christmas Concert, December 2002

Other Recent Works:

Sunset on the Spire, text by Elinor Wylie, for SATB a cappella choir, 2007

Satyagraha, text by Ghandi, for SATB choir and brass quintet

Dream of Spring, text by E. E. Cummings, for two sopranos and two pianos

Liz Rognes: Topographies

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